Transformation at the Monarch Caterpillar Complex

I am constantly adding new ideas to my list of items that could add a special element to a home (mine or someone else’s). Although these projects tend to be for benefit of humans, I have been known to include bird and butterfly housing improvements as well.


To put it simply, I love butterflies. Their spectacular transformation is such a beautiful analogy to our own human journey of growth and awakening. Unfortunately all of nature doesn’t appear to be in agreement with my sentiments. To our collective horror, my daughter and I witnessed a wasp tearing a caterpillar to shreds a couple of weeks ago in our yard.


Consequently we were instantly inspired to create an impromptu monarch village via the butterfly boxes that are temporarily parked on my dining room table. Admittedly it feels a little “Silence of the Lambs” in there, but we have yet to make any skin suits out of the neighbors.

The butterflies are lovely and they bring such joy to all of us whenever we release them. However we have yet to sit for hours to watch every stage of their development. In all fairness to us, we can’t sit for hours doing anything. Given this short attention span challenge we face, I thought that it would be interesting to record one of our monarch caterpillars changing to chrysalis form so we could speed it up. The video is only about a minute long, but the actual process shown here took several hours.

Feel free to share the video with your children. It’s fascinating to watch this wild caterpillar in action.

Jo Price 🙂

This is the youtube link.