DIY – Creating a Succulent Garden with a Pallet


A couple of years ago, I nabbed a plain wood pallet for fun. At the time, I added a few additional wood panels to the back to enclose one side. A friend added some side supports to keep it from falling over, and my unique gardening box was ready to go.

IMG_20180624_195752The problem that I had not anticipated was that keeping the soil in an upright garden is not so easy. Every time I watered it, soil would come pouring out. It was a mess, and even the easiest of outdoor plants (succulents) couldn’t deal with the gardening madness. When we finally moved a few months ago, the last of the plants died or fell out, and I decided that it was time to send it to the big mulch box in the sky.

But this thing is heavy. Too heavy for me to move by myself, and too heavy for me to annoy my husband into moving in lieu of other projects higher up on the “Stuff to Annoy Husband With Today” list. So it has been sitting in the back unloved and janky looking as ever.

Until yesterday.

IMG_20180624_195757I had a funky weekend and needed something to snap me back to feeling like a normal human. I grabbed a couple of bags of dirt, several containers of small succulents, and carved up some chicken wire.

I honestly believe that the chicken wire would have been my saving grace years ago had I realized that I needed it. It’s a pain to cut it up (and I mean that quite literally so wear gloves), but it is malleable and can be sectioned into whatever size you need.IMG_20180624_195800

I cut enough sections of wire to fill the openings on the front side of the pallet and then cut additional smaller holes within those pieces for plant placement.

Starting from the bottom, I would insert the wire sections, backfill with soil, pack and water the soil down, and then plant individual plants into the openings. A small amount of soil would come out initially, but it was minimal once the soil was damp and firmly packed. The plants stayed in the planted easily and should have plenty of support to thrive going forward.


Succulents do best if you leave them where they can get a hint of water but otherwise ignore them. Given that dynamic, these new plants should be happy as clams here. And on my side of the deal, I feel better, too. I have a revived planted that has been spared from the environmental circular file, and my mind feels like it has come back to life, too.

If you are feeling down, try to do or create something that you enjoy. Being able to reconnect with nature and with yourself is a true gift. Take advantage of it. If you can’t figure out what to do, try this pallet project or aim for an easier project like a basic succulent garden. Just slap some of these in a decent pot, put a few river rocks around it, and smile at the outcome. So basic yet so lovely.

But whatever you do, send me pics! I would love to see the outcome. 🙂

Best wishes to all.  Jo